Competent + Creative = KONNEKT


Our consultants are graduate PR and Marketing specialists with many years of both company and agency professional experience. Multimedia editors with strong copywriting skills crystalize the essence of an idea into a viable concept. They ensure dissemination of a message, focusing on target groups, via print, Internet and mobile media. KONNEKT thus channels classic and digital PR into an integrated networked, effective message.


Image and reputation are essential for corporate success. KONNEKT occupies the space at the center of the interface between market and media. We refine your profile so that you can differentiate yourself from competitors. We define communication goals together with clients, taking full account of the particular sector-specific requirements. Complex situations and challenging campaigns are most welcome. Our structured style of working ensures that your objectives are met.


We have built up an excellent network and are in permanent contact with journalists, analysts and opinion formers. Professional and equitable relationships with the media are our specialty. Transparency and integrity are more than words for us. By following these maxims, we succeed in communicating relevant messages effectively and sustainably.


KONNEKT is the competent and creative full-service partner for all consultancy activities in your company.


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